Valonias water team focuses on wastewater treatment in rural areas. We advise inhabitants, organize trainings and take water samples. We also educate people about water protection and support and promote actions for better water quality.

Eutrophication is the biggest environmental problem in Southwest Finland’s waterways and it is largely caused by agriculture. The ecological status of coastal waters and rivers is mainly fair or poor. At the same time the majority of our lakes are in good condition. In order to preserve our water systems we have to be prepared to work hard on many fronts for water protection.

There are tens of thousands of properties in rural areas of Southwest Finland whose wastewater treatment systems have to be upgraded.


Counselling: We offer information and counselling about wastewater treatment in rural areas, dry toilets, household water quality and renovation of domestic water wells. Valonia has also offered individual counselling for property owners in Southwest Finland since 2011. During counselling visits property owners can get personal guidance on the spot. Guidance is unbiased and free of charge.

Expert lectures: We offer expert lectures relating to dry toilets, water protection and wastewater treatment in rural areas to everyone interested on the subject. Lectures are free in those municipalities that participate yearly in Valonia’s water protection activities and funding.

Trainings, seminars and events: Valonia organizes trainings and seminars about wastewater treatment in rural areas and water protection on demand. Possible target groups are pupils, authorities, inhabitants and companies.

Sampling: We study functionality of wastewater treatment systems. Both owner and equipment manufacturer can have the research results. Results are published on Valonia’s web page.


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