Mobility management promotes, coordinates and develops sustainable mobility. It for example informs people about sustainable modes of transportation. The main goal of mobility management is to reduce private motoring and to increase the amount of public transportation, walking, cycling, carpooling and also economical way of driving.

Valonia advises municipalities, organizations, companies and local residents in the subject of mobility management. In mobility guidance the key term is “wise mobility” – favouring sustainable modes of transportation and contributing to road safety. When it comes to mobility guidance our goal is that more and more people would choose a sustainable mode of transportation. It is healthier, safer, easier and above anything else – more ecological.

Private motoring causes many problems, for example air pollution and noise. Health hazards are common especially in crowded city centres. Greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide, are nowadays a global problem.


Mobility guidance and mobility reports, Bike to Work -contest in Southwest Finland, seminars and trainings.



European Mobility Week

European Platform on Mobility Management EPOMM

ELTIS – The Urban Mobility Portal


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