Environmental education is a great way to build sustainable future. Our main goal is to achieve a shift in people’s values and improve the skills and methods of individuals and societies so that they could follow the principles of sustainable development. On this page are presented mainly our environmental education activities meant for children and the youth.

Valonia is a centre for environmental education and at the same time a regional advisory organization. Our main target in the field on environmental education is to emphasize it’s significance. We provide support for schools and kindergartens so that they can carry out successful environmental education.


Valonia organizes trainings and events relating to environmental education for educators and other target groups. We also offer the services of our ambulatory nature school. Environmental education materials and exhibition materials can be downloaded from Valonias web pages or you can borrow them from us.

Valonia acts as an expert and promoter of the Green Flag programme in Southwest Finland. The main goal of the programme is to promote sustainable development. Valonia organizes trainings and offers information to kindergartens, schools and other organizations that participate in the programme.

“Whether we like it or not, each one of us is an environmental educator. Every act is an environmental act because everything we do has an effect on the environment. Every action carries a message: either we care about environment or we don’t.” - Tuovi Kurttio

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