Valonia’s goal is to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy. We help people and companies find ways to improve their operation modes. In practice this means that we provide counselling and help for municipalities and companies with problems and questions concerning for example Energy Efficiency Agreements or renewable energy sources.  If associations or private citizens have questions about energy conservation or about choosing and purchasing heating systems, they can ask us for help.


For residents and associations: Services are free for residents and associations. We give information about heating systems (how to choose or renew one), energy consumption and energy saving, energy labels and light bulbs. We give advice in person at fairs and at other events. We also have our own exhibition about rational use of energy.

For municipalities: Our services are normally free for municipalities. We offer information and counselling for example about Energy Efficiency Agreements and energy audits. We help municipalities to form their energy efficiency and climate programs. Valonia also organizes trainings, seminars and events for officials, residents and other target groups.

For companies: We offer help for companies with their energy and environmental issues, for example with energy reports, energy audits and investments and with applying for different grants.


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PLEEC – Planning for Energy Efficient Cities

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