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Turku is Finland's second most popular city for congresses and conventions

Statistics from the Finland Travel and Convention Bureau show that Turku is Finland's second most popular city for international congresses and conventions after Helsinki.

In 2011, a total of 68 congresses were held in Turku – which is more than ever before, while the number of delegates has been higher only once, in 2007. The amount of tourism revenue generated by international congresses held in the Turku region is ​​about 14.1 million.

Says Sari Ruusumo, Convention Director of Turku Touring's Congress Unit: “The record amount of congresses held in Turku in 2011 came about due to an increase in the amount of small and medium-sized conferences, and most of those congresses were attended by 100 to 400 delegates. And while it’s obvious that some conferences were directly connected to the content of the Capital of Culture year, all the scientific conferences also wanted cultural event content, either during their celebratory dinners or in their official programmes.

Ruusumo particularly welcomed the international media visibility that the European Capital of Culture year brought, and the significant competitive edge it provides for the future marketing of conventions: 

“It’s estimated that the media-value of the articles that were written about Turku by visiting international journalists in 2011 was about 19.7 million euros. That is equivalent to an 82 year budget for the Turku Touring Congress Unit for creating visibility for the city”.

Historic banquet houses

Turun Akatemiatalon juhlasali

As a Congress City Turku’s trump cards are its excellent and varied conference facilities, 2,100 hotel rooms in the heart of Turku and historic banquet houses, such as the Volunteer Fire Brigade Building, Turku Castle’s Banquet Hall, Samppalinna Restaurant as well as the Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum. The idyllic seaside town of Naantali also contains many charming banquet houses, such as Naantali Kaivohuone.

The Turku Archipelago is another location for memorable feasts and special events, and almost all congress guests spend some time there in the summer season. Guests can also enjoy the fruits of recent large investments. For example, the Turku Fair and Congress Centre has opened a new restaurant building, Scandic Julia has been completely renovated and the recently opened Logomo Hall and its unique rolling stand can be perfectly adapted for many events and conferences.

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Photo: Turku Touring

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