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Immigrant Health Care and Social Services

An immigrant is entitled to use municipal health care services. The right to use the Turku Health Care Services is granted to everyone, whose recidence is Turku, according to the Municipality of Recidence Act.

The City of Turku Health Care and Social Services Department organises the municipal primary health care services and refers patients to the special level medical care according to the need.

The city of Turku Health Care services are provided at the small-district health stations, at on-call services, mother and child welfare clinics, schools and oral health clinics.

The city of Turku Environmental Health Care instructs and advices on environmental health matters. The Environmental Health Care also controls the hygiene and health of food products.

The social services in Turku include day care and other services for families, and services for disabled persons, elderly people and for homeless persons.

The Immigrant Office

Refugees and asylum seekers who have been granted a residence get their first-phase health services at the Immigrant Office for three years. The returning migrants from Inkeri are advised on health care services and get a health check-up by a nurse. Afterwards, the returning migrants visit the small-district health station in their own residential area.

The Immigrant Office provides integration services into the Finnish society to refugees together with the Social Welfare officials. The Immigrant Office also aims to promote the understanding of foreign cultures in the Finnish society.

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